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What can I study?

The number of courses you are to study varies according to the higher education institution and the country you are heading for.


It is usual to study more courses per semester than you would in Sweden; usually there are 4 to 6 courses per semester. You need to find a suitable combination of courses at the host university to get the credits transferred to Lund. Your study plan should also set up a few reserve courses. Which courses you can study depends on the degree programme you are on. Find out more under guidance – elective courses. If you have further questions, you can always contact the department’s study advisor and international coordinator.

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International Coordinator

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Study Plan

Your Study Plan should include:

Your name, Name of university, subject area, course name, course code and number of credits, Semester (first or second), Alternative courses, Full-time studies

Note that your study plan might change and if you have any questions and/or quieries. please do not hesitate to conact your Study Advisor.

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