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KOMC17: Communication and Leadership in Change Processes, 15 credits

The purpose of the module is to allow the students to increase their ability to critically analyze and work with change related communication. Another purpose of the course is to provide knowledge about the role of leadership in organizational changes.

The module consists of lectures led by researchers and practitioners in combination with applied exercises. To begin with, the lectures treat fundamental perspectives, theories and concepts related to organizational change and communication. The module then proceeds to focus specific aspects of change communication such as leadership and coworkership, planning and implementation of communication activities, the communicator roles, resistance, power, participation and practical methods.

Additional information

Exchange students to Lund University are welcome to apply to the course.

The course is held in Lund.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to the course, the student must have fulfilled a minimum of 45 credits in a subject in Social Sciences, Humanities or Economics and Management

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