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Qualified Internship in Strategic Communication

The aim of the course is to prepare the student for future professional life by providing her or him with an opportunity both to relate their academic skills to professional duties and to establish contact with potential employers. The work placement in strategic communication can take place in public or private organisations or NGOs, in Sweden or abroad. The course is mainly made up of work placement duties, but also includes several assignments to be completed before and after the placement.

The work placement is to comprise at least 16 weeks of full-time work (the equivalent of 640 working hours) which corresponds to 32 hours a week for 20 weeks. Aided by supervision at the placement-provider, the student is to engage in advanced and varied tasks of both a strategic and operational nature. The duties are to be related to previous studies on the programme and the student is to have the opportunity to apply and develop previously acquired knowledge of strategic communication at the host organisation.

As a part of the work placement and based on an identified need of professional development, the student is to find theories within a specific field and write a literature review. During the work placement, the student is to collect work samples in a portfolio which is to be presented at a seminar. As an alternative to the portfolio, the student may also conduct a major assignment at the host organisation, such as a survey, inquiry or project. The work samples or assignment must conform to the department’s requirements of relevant and advanced tasks in strategic communication.

Simultaneously with the placement, the student is to work on assessed course components. These assignments are to comprise at least four weeks of full-time work (the equivalent of 160 working hours) which corresponds to eight hours a week for 20 weeks. The aim of the assignments is to enable students to develop their understanding of communication practice by reflecting on the links between theory and practice, assembling relevant work samples into a portfolio and independently expanding their knowledge.

The work placement must be approved by the course director. For a placement to be approved, the host must sign an agreement to offer relevant, varied and advanced duties in strategic communication in accordance with the department’s requirements.

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Study advisor

Lena Rolén

Emailstudievagledare [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 (0) 42 35 66 59


Course code: KOMN01
Credits: 30 ECTS credits

Cycle: Second Cycle 
Language of instruction: English

Study venue: Helsingborg / Other
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Teaching hours: Daytime

Entery requirements: To be eligible to the course, the students must have fulfilled a minimum of 60 second cycle credits in strategic communications or equivalent.

The Department of Strategic Communication
Lund University | Campus Helsingborg
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