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Strategic Communication and Public Relations in Digital Media - Perspectives, Practices and Methods, 30 credits

If you are interested in how diversification and changes in the media landscape have affected communication processes, cultures and societies globally, this is the course for you. The course consists of four modules providing a theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of the most recent developments within Public Relations (PR) and strategic communication as well as skills to analyse the current digital phenomena within PR, strategic communication and social media. The course is taught in English.

The course consists of four modules which are assessed separately.

Module 1: Strategic Communication and Digital Media – Culture and Society, 7,5 credits
The aim of the module is to provide students with a critical understanding of the development of digital media and the issues to which this development gives rise. The overall aim of the course is to enable students to use a critical approach and new understanding and knowledge to describe and discuss how digital media can be used as tools for strategic communication. Themes dealt with on the course include digital media, social change and activism.

Module 2: Public Relations - theory and practice, 7.5 credits
The aim of the module is to provide students with understanding of both the practical and the theoretical perspectives within public relations. The PR work of public and private organisations is highlighted and critically discussed using various theoretical frameworks. Empirical examples are retrieved mainly from Sweden, the UK and the USA and students are encouraged to work with material and examples taken from a broader global context.

Module 3: Introduction to Research Methods and Academic Writing, 15 credits
The aim of the module is to provide students with an introduction to theory of science and methodology within social sciences research specialising in strategic communication.  The course deals in particular with methods which can be used to analyse strategic communication and public relations online. The course therefore connects to the two preceding courses, but also to the following module on essay-writing.

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Study advisor

Lena Rolén

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Course code: KOMC25
Credits: 30 ECTS credits
Cycle: First Cycle 
Language of instruction: English
Teacher: Marie Ledendal

Study venue: Helsingborg
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Teaching hours: Daytime

Entery requirements: General entry requirements plus English B or English 6 from Swedish upper secondary school (field-specific entry requirements 2/A2)

Oral and written language skills in English corresponding to English 6/B from Swedish upper secondary school are a requirement. Recognition of qualifications is done in compliance with national guidelines.

A general exemption from the requirement for knowledge of Swedish is granted to international students.

45 credits within a relevant subject in social sciences, humanities or business administration of which at least 30 credits are to be within strategic communication, political science, sociology, service management, media and communication studies, fashion studies, journalism or marketing.


The Department of Strategic Communication
Lund University | Campus Helsingborg
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 +46 42-35 65 95
Email: info [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se

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