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Henny Dahl-Hansen Hasselknippe

Student at the Masters programme in Strategic Communication

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

I have always had an interest in communication, especially external communication, and when I found this master I thought it was the perfect fit for me. I like the combination with both external and internal communication and considering that I had heard a lot of positive comments about the program, the choice was easy.

What is the best part of this program and why?

I like the fact that we have a lot of group work and that all students come from different backgrounds, this leads to more interesting discussions and papers. By focusing on one course at a time it also gives us the opportunity to get in depth with the different subjects. I also like that we work with cases because it gives me an impression of how it all works in real life.   

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Communication?

My interest in communication has grown stronger considering the fact that actually everything communicates. Communication affects every part of our daily life, everything from daily conversations, organizational communication and strategies to marketing and PR. Everything we learn makes me more certain that there is a use of communicators in society and also of how many different industries that needs good communicators today.

What are your future dreams?

My future dreams consist of an international career, preferably within the field of marketing and branding. I have always had a big interest for this subject and a possible dream job would be to work as a brand manager for a big international company.

How is it to live and study in Sweden?

I have lived in Sweden for the last 4 years and I have never regretted my decision of moving here. Although it is not that far from Norway, where I am from, there is an atmosphere here as well as a student environment that I would not have experienced any other place. People are friendly and there is always something happening if you want to do something fun besides studying.

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