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Emmelie Tilly

Former student at the Masters programme in Strategic Communication

Graduated year:


Current Position/Organization:

Junior Consultant and Media Specialist at the Marketing Communications department at Prime & United Minds

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

I took a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and wanted to complement the knowledge I received during that program with in-depth knowledge of marketing to better fit the requirements to work at a communication agency.

What is the best part of this programme and why?

For me the best part was the internship where I got to use the theoretical knowledge I learned during the education and train my practical skills. During the internship I also got the chance to meet people in the communication business and make contacts for the future. I also liked that we got to work with and present real cases during the program, those experiences has been very useful to me in my work.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Strategic Communication practice?

Rather than changing how I look upon Strategic Communication practice the Master’s program has shown me the scope of strategic communication. It includes a range of theories and tools but further it also teaches one about the most influential power in society – communication in its broadest sense. It is safe to say that strategic communication definitely is a field relevant in all organizations and in society at large today. And for those saying that you can’t get a job in the communication business – this industry is growing and is always in need of great people doing great things.

How has the program helped you to pursue a career in the communication industry?

The program includes a range of courses all relevant for communication practices which has given me useful tools to work with in the communication industry. Further, the internship gave me a chance to test these tools and make contacts for the future. Through real cases the program gave me a chance to discover and test what I’ve learned during my studies and that has given me a lot of confidence in questions regarding communication which has make me believe that I has a lot to give in this industry.

What are your future career dreams?

In the closest future I work as a planner and client manager at my amazing workplace Prime. Further ahead I am head of citizens communication department integrating marketing and social issues. 


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