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Fredrik Hillerborg

Former student at the Masters programme in Strategic Communication

Graduated year: 


Current Position/Organization:

PR-consultant at Onemotion IMC, Stockholm, Part-time Lecturer in Strategic Communication at Karlstad University and Podcaster with "Lära Från Lärda"

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

It felt like a natural extension from my Bachelor in Advertising & PR. At the time I was really motivated for higher studies and education.

What is the best part of this programme and why?

That there is a broad education, which means that there's room (and you have to) do your own communication-specialization. In our class, people focused on different professional careers. Me and a few others against external marketing & communication, others political communication and some towards internal communication.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Strategic Communication practice?

Because of the deep theoretical base I have with me, I see and work with Strategic Communication in a more structured way. It's difficult to describe the exact difference in words, but it's clear that I have other "glasses on" than my colleagues and others in the business. I'm sure others who have higher degrees in this business know what I mean.

How has the program helped you to pursue a career in the communication industry?

It has given me a jump forward professionally and strengthen my CV. But it's really important to understad that in the PR-industry an education takes you half way, and you have to climb the other half yourself.

What are your future career dreams?

At the moment, I develop the position I have, with one foot in business and one foot in the academic world. There are two worlds that can learn a lot from each other and I will continue build bridges between them.

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Fredrik Hillerborg


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