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Øyvind Økland Stedal

Former student at the Masters programme in Strategic Communication

Graduated year: 


Current Position/Organization:

Head of national efforts for children and youth – Norwegian Red Cross

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

I chose the Master's programme because I already had started a path both regarding work and studies that needed to be enhanced with a deeper competency in what tied my previous work and studies together, namely strategic communication. The programme offered a deep dive into the different components that consist strategic communication. It also helped that the programme was offered at Lund University which is a great place to study.

What is the best part of this programme and why?

The best part of the programme is the opportunity to see this field of study from multiple perspectives. I have found this varied approach to the field of strategic communication very useful in my career as a communicator and leader.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Strategic Communication practice?

First of all it has supported my view that communication is a tool among other to reach the goals of the organization, and is best used in conjunction with other fields of expertise. It has also opened my eyes to the importance of including people with this skill and role in the organization into its group of leaders. The field of strategic communication is useful in any group of leaders of an organization.  

How has the program helped you to pursue a career in the communication industry?

It has helped me getting the job as head of communication for the Red Cross Youth – and further given me the opportunity to continue as a leader in the Norwegian Red Cross. It has also made it possible for me to have interesting responsibilities in the organization such as the joint responsibility for developing the Red Cross communication strategy and also being head of communication in important organizational change projects.

What are your future career dreams?

My dreams is to continue applying my skills and knowledge in the field of strategic communication to benefit society and support the many volunteers that everyday give some of their free time to support others in need. I hope to continue this path of work also in the future as it gives me both challenges and meaning.


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Øyvind Økland Stedal


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