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Karolina Atsalis

Student at Master's Programme in Strategic Communication

Why did you choose to study the Master’s program in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

I majored in communication in my Bachelor’s studies and this program seemed the perfect extension of my previous academic work. This program had the added appeal of being in Sweden, which I believe provides a unique international perspective that I would not necessarily have been privy to had I chosen to stay in the States.

What is the best part of this program and why?

The best part of the program is the relatively small size and the diversity of the students. Being in class four times a week with the same 40 or so students allows you to create meaningful connections with your colleagues. I also appreciate that each student comes from a different and diverse background. This especially helps in the classroom as we can approach and discuss the many subjects we touch upon with varying perspectives.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Communication?

My studies have really emphasized how important a global perspective is when studying communication. The people you interact with daily all come from different backgrounds, so it is important to have the skills to adjust the way you communicate with others based on their backgrounds. The program has also been insightful as it has allowed me to explore other areas of communication that I didn’t focus on before but have found that I love, such as branding.

What are your future dreams?

Within the next few years I hope to be leading a successful career in the fashion and/or cosmetics industry doing editorial and marketing. I plan to move to New York City after graduation, but my dream is to find a position with a major fashion house that allows me to travel internationally and eventually move back to Europe.

How is it to live and study in Sweden?

My childhood holidays (summer and Christmas) were spent in Sweden at my grandparents’ house in the countryside, so I have always felt comfortable in Sweden. Moving here and living on my own has been a different experience altogether—it has allowed me to connect with my heritage, explore my independence as a young adult, and gain a new appreciation of the diversity of all the people that I interact with daily. It doesn’t hurt that I basically have all of Europe at my fingertips and can explore a new country every weekend if I wanted to!

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