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Vidushe Mitra

Student at Master's Programme in Strategic Communication

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

Lund University is a top 100 university in the world. Although I had a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration (with a focus in Marketing) from Narsee Monjee, a premier university in India, the emphasis in my MBA was not on such value based courses such as Philosophy of Social Science, Public Relations and Crisis Communications. I wanted to deepen my skills and understanding of these subjects at Lund. Lund University’s unique international focus, state of the art program, diverse student base and its emphasis on skill based learning is what attracted me.

What is the best part of this programme and why?

The best part of this programme is that lectures and theory are complemented with industry specific case studies, group projects, workshops and fun activities. People from different cultures and backgrounds discuss how they would approach a specific problem to create a multi-faceted approach. The course structure encompasses various interesting subjects ranging from organization communication, crisis communication to philosophy of social science and brand management. The opportunity to do an internship in the second year or pursue a semester abroad is the cherry on a cake.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Communication?

Communication is something each one of us take for granted. I remember, the first time I told my friend that I’m going to pursue a second Master’s in Communication, she said, “ But, why?” The thing is, effective communication might not always solve all problems, but it will definitely help you arrive at at-least a few workable solutions. This course and interactions with students from 20 different countries has shown me how each one of us perceive the same information differently, how reality is at times skewed by our thoughts and our cultures and how nothing is either wrong or right. It showed me that each one of us are entitled to our own opinions, however it’s always nice to have these opinions backed up with foolproof arguments. It showed me how important it is to look at nonverbal cues even in regular daily interactions and how at times it’s necessary to play a devil’s advocate for the greater good. The course gave a ‘low-risk’ environment to make mistakes and learn. Through role-plays, workshops and presentations, we developed our articulation towards language, communication and our target audience.

What are your future dreams?

Ever since I can remember, I have been wanting to work for Google, my dream company, as a Marketing and Communications specialist. However, alongside this, there’s another dream that I’d like to realize; I’d like to make a difference in society by creating employment opportunities for the differently-able people. For this, I will use my strategic communication knowledge to change business attitudes and ecosystems and promote an idea that needs risks and planned intervention of best practices.

How is it to live and study in Sweden?

Living in Sweden has been wonderful. Although it took a while to get adjusted to the Swedish way of life ( since I come from India with a very different cultural background), I now feel at home thanks to so many helpful and polite people here. I have made a few Swedish and international friends and love going out with them to pick mushrooms and apples on our bikes. Studying in public libraries at Lund and Helsingborg have inspired me greatly through it’s beauty and serenity. Many amazing ideas for my papers were conceptualized in that environment. I am eagerly waiting to see it snow here as it will be the first snow of my life.

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VIdushe Mitra


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