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Yi-Hsuan Chen

Student at Master's Programme in Strategic Communication

Why did you choose to study the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University?

I received my bachelor’s degree in communication in Taiwan, the studies had attracted my attention to public relations and crisis communication. I considered the Master’s programme in Strategic Communication a great opportunity to advance my knowledge in the particular field as well as interdisciplinary. Having the recognition of being international across the world, I supposed the learning environment of Lund University could help me to pursue my career in a global sector.

What is the best part of this program and why?

The best part of this programme is that all the courses have acknowledged the diversity of the class, and they take the advantage of this to create a particular learning environment. We are encouraged to collaborate with students from different academic and cultural background. This approach helps us to develop intercultural communication skills, and that also inspired us to contribute to various topics addressed in class. More, the opportunity to apply for exchange studies and internship at the third semester was the most valuable experience I gained from this programme.

In what way have your studies changed on how you look upon Communication?

The programme has provided me an in-depth study of communication and it has always inspired students to reflect things critically, which I found it challenging but interesting. Everyone is to respect and learn from others’ perspectives. The studies have also put great emphasis on the necessity of having cultural awareness, and focus on why intercultural communication skill is especially important for a professional communicator. Learning to have a good communication with your colleagues by being aware of the cultural differences and adapt to it can be regarded as an exercise for the future job.

What are your future dreams?

I hope to pursue my career in an international company, with a position in PR or marketing. My dream is to find a placement in a Scandinavian country, later to learn third or fourth languages so I could move to other places to explore the world.

How is it to live and study in Sweden?

Living and studying in Sweden was my dream, and I was delighted that I made it. As one of the most suitable countries to live in the world, Sweden is relatively safe and environmentally friendly. I found the country attractive because of the amazing people, and of course the “lovely” weather. Studying in Sweden never bores me because there is always something happening around, for instance, the festivals, any special day for a good reason to have fatty food such as cinnamon buns’ day, and also a variety of events for students. I can always give it a go!

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