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KOMC17: Communication and leadership in change processes, 15 credits

We would like to welcome you all to the module Communication and leadership in change processes (15hp). The course starts with registration and introduction on the 15th of January at 13.15–14.00 in room R144 (Building R, Gamla kirurgen). During the course introduction, Sara von Platen will guide you through the course structure, seminars and examination. You will also receive a course manual with readings for each teaching opportunity.


You can find more information about the course such as a preliminary schedule, syllabus and reading list at Live@Lund.


Please note that you must attend the registration meeting before you are able to read the course. If you decide to not read the course please notify Susanne Andersson, administrator at the department at info [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se ()


In preparation for the first lecture on January 15th at 14.15 –16.00, please reflect on the following questions:

• Do you have any experience of organizational change? If not, what is your image of organizational changes?
• What significance do you think formal and informal communication has in organizational changes?
• What kinds of challenges and problems do you think organizations and communicators face when working with change processes?
• Why do you think this topic is interesting? What do you want to achieve by reading the course?


Best regards,

Sara v. Platen (course director), Emma Christensen and Charlotte Simonsson


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