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Internships abroad

Getting experience of working life within your field of study allows you to develop and gives you additional qualifications for your future. Choosing to do your internship abroad provides additional knowledge. But it also requires you to take on a lot of personal responsibility.

The host organisation where you are to be an intern must be prepared to assist you in achieving the learning outcomes for the internship course within your programme. The host organisation must also be able to offer you supervision.

Remember that organising an internship abroad is time-consuming and demanding. This means that you must have thought through whether you really want to go abroad before starting the process; it can be expensive to stay and live in another country for a long period of time.

If you are entitled to student finance from CSN, this also applies for your internship abroad. You may even be able to obtain an additional loan, for travel to and from the country where you will be doing your internship, for example. You can also apply for internships within various exchange programmes such as Erasmus. In that case, there are scholarships for which you can apply. Read more here.

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