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Study Advisory Service

The study advisors answer your questions about studies and careers.
Our study advisors are located on floor C3 and can advise you on matters concerning your education.

The department’s study advisor

Turn to your study advisor with questions about:

  • Guidance on education at the department
  • Information on admission and degrees
  • Contact for students requiring learning support
  • Help with study technique/study planning 
  • Help if you have fallen behind in your studies
  • Credit transfer of courses from other higher education institutions
  • Approved leave from studies
  • Information on studies abroad

Lena Rolén

Email: international [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 (0) 42 35 66 59

Visiting hours/Drop in: Monday & Thursday 9:00−11:00.
To book an appointment, click here.


Lund University’s general study advisors

For study advice which is not specific to the department’s study programmes, please contact the Lund University general study advisor Karin Ekhem Widén at Campus Helsingborg, floor C7.

Karin Ekhem Widén

General study advisory service
Email: karin [dot] ekhem_widen [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 (0) 42-35 67 04 

The general study advisory service is also available in Lund, in Genetikhuset at Sölvegatan 29. You can drop in for advice, or address your questions to their chat function or via email.

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Study Advisor

Lena Rolén

E-mail: international [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 (0) 42-35 66 59

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Visiting address: Universitetsplatsen 2 Helsingborg
Postal address: Box 882, 251 08 Helsingborg, Sweden
 +46 42-35 65 95
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