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Research fields

at the Department of Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is a multidisciplinary subject with several application areas such as organizational communication, PR, brand communication, crisis communication and change communication.

Research at the department reach a broad area of ​​social science, but also moves towards research in economics and marketing with a constant connection to strategic communication.

Internal communication: How does the management’s communication affect a company’s internal processes?

Crisis communication: What and how does an organisation communicate in order to prepare for and manage crises?

Communication processes for branding: The research analyses and discusses how companies communicate with consumers in order to reinforce their brand. How are value-generating strategies realised for different target groups? Another focus area is the brand seen from the perspective of the consumer.

New media and modern democracy: What role do social media – and how organisations manage them – play for a democratic society?

Organisations and society: What is the connection between organisational communication and societal phenomena?

Public Diplomacy: Focuses on communication practices undertaken by institutions aimed at influencing foreign publics in order to advance national interests.

Professionalism, expertise and ethics: What is the reality of professional life as a communications officer and what are the future trends?