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Rethinking urban tourism development

Dealing with sustainability in the age of over-tourism
This project addresses the challenges caused by over-tourism and its effects on sustainability in urban destinations.

Studies of urban tourism are generally underdeveloped and has not considered environmental sustainability enough. This project embraces social, cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability of a destination. The project re-think the role of tourism in cities by involvement of stakeholders within and beyond the tourism industry from a multidisciplinary perspective. Four research questions are answered: i) How can urban development organizations develop sustainable strategies, and how can service innovation and capacity building be considered in development solutions for destinations? ii) How can the mediatization of urban destinations be used to manage over-tourism, and what communication strategies can be used to counteract the over exposition of destinations? iii) How can anti-tourist sentiment by residents be counteracted by inclusive place brand communication, and what development strategies can be used? iv) How can ecosystem services be used to improve tourism in urban destination, and which impacts on ecosystem services should be considered developing strategies?

Empirical studies are based on Helsingborg, Pärnu and Dubrovnik, and other relevant places. Findings will affect national policy makers and planning agencies for tourism, regional tourism organizations, local stakeholders in municipalities, and partner organisations.

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Jörgen Eksell, Senior Lecturer, the Department of Strategic Communication

Maria Månsson, Researcher, the Department of Strategic Communication

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