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within the field of strategic communication
The Department's research activities are developing rapidly. Faculty and doctoral students provide expertise in various different fields within Strategic Communication.

Rickard Andersson

Rickard Andersson is a doctoral student at the department researching the strategic practice and communication responsibility of organisational members. His doctoral project is set to finish in 2020.

Cecilia Cassinger

Cecilia Cassinger has a PhD in business administration with a focus on marketing and is senior lecturer in strategic communication. Her research interests lie primarily in the field of place branding and marketing communication. She is also currently involved in a research project on digitalisation and visualisation of services in the sharing economy.

Asta Cepaite Nilsson

Asta Cepaite Nilsson does research focused on organisational communication and media development. Her primary interest is organisational changes affected by development in the media landscape, e.g. in media production and consumption.

Jörgen Eksell

Jörgen Eksell works as a researcher, teacher and director of studies. His main research interest lies in the field of marketing communication and service studies, and more specifically communication connected to issues such as brand communication, value creation and hospitality.

Jesper Falkheimer

Jesper Falkheimer is a professor in strategic communication and combines work within university management with research in strategic communication. 

Nils Gustafsson 

Nils Gustafsson is a political scientist and senior lecturer in strategic communication. Research interests include politics in relation to social media and elite networks. He teaches political communication and quantitative methods.

Mats Heide

Mats Heide is a professor in strategic communication with a Ph.D. in Media and communication studies. Heide is currently involved in various research projects, primarily within the area of communicative organizations, professionalization of communication professionals, internal crisis communication and change communication. 

Henrik Merkelsen

Henrik Merkelsen is interested in risk management and public relations. His work has been published in the fields' leading journals such as Risk Analysis, Journal of Risk research and Public Relations Review.

Camilla Nothhaft

Camilla Nothhaft specializes in strategic communication and lobbyism.

Howard Nothhaft

Howard Nothhaft's main interests lie in the area of strategy and communication strategy.

James Pamment

James Pamment's research interests lie at the intersection of strategic communication, international relations and international development. He is particularly interested in how diplomats and organisations involved with diplomatic issues use communication to influence the conduct of foreign relations, particularly in light of the expansion of digital media and the new opportunities for networked relationships that they offer.

Maria Rosén

Maria Rosén is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University. Her current research project revolves risks and conflicts involving actors within the the food industry. 

Charlotte Simonsson

Senior lecturer with a research interest in the role of communication professionals and internal communication processes related to aspects such as leadership and coworkership, changes and crises. 

Åsa Thelander

Åsa Thelander's academic and research interest are focused on the relationship between consumers and organizations.

Hui Zhao

Hui Zhao is a Ph.D. student in Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University. Prior to joining Lund University, she has been continuously engaging in rich media-related training, working, and research practices. 

Marja Åkerström

Marja Åkerström is a PhD in Media and Communication Studies and associate professor. Her main research fields are within strategic communication, political communication, digital media and democracy, organizational communication and crisis communication. 

Martina Smedberg

Martina recently started her doctoral studies at the department, aiming to conduct her research in the field of Corporate Diplomacy.

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