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What Catalina says about the programme


Catalina Ordonez Valenzuela

How did you find out about Lund University?

During an educational fair in Bogota back in 2017, where I was mostly focused on finding Dutch and German universities, I saw a little stand with weird university names but very strong programs. Turns out that one stand was gathering all the information for Swedish universities, which I had never heard before. There I found the program I was looking for so long and it belonged to Lund University. I was instantly hooked. I came home and looked at all the information about the program’ teachers, the reputation of the university and the environment for the student life. And without knowing my decision was made.

What is the best thing about your programme?

Definitely the best thing for me is that it is built upon its international component. The faculty realized the importance and advantages of working with a multicultural and diverse approach. It allows us to create interesting debates, to analyze problems from different perspectives and to give inclusive solutions for multidimensional dilemmas.

What do you think of the teaching style?

It took me a while to get used to the Swedish system because it’s very different from the education in Colombia. In the beginning the lack of guidelines and strict parameters seemed like a disadvantage. But after understanding the Scandinavian culture, I realized the freedom they give us it’s meant to create personal judgment on how to assess the situation. The teachers’ role it’s mostly focused on guiding us to sharpen our analytical skills, instead of passively providing knowledge.

What is the biggest difference compared to studying a Bachelor’s programme? 

During my bachelor's I spent most of my time learning theories and memorizing information. Now most of my classes push me to think, analyze and investigate deeper, to provide insightful arguments and to create new solutions.

Do you have any advice for students considering to study at Lund University and Campus Helsingborg?

I would advise them to look into the courses’ syllabus, to dig on the teachers’ profiles and the general approach of the program. And to talk to alumni or current students to clear all their questions.