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What David says about the programme

david gullbring

David Gullbring

Why did you choose the Master programme in Strategic Communication?

Well, the first big reason is of course that I find the subject of communication very fun and interesting. Add the strategic manner of communication and I believe I can become an important function for organizations and people reaching their own full potential, which sounds amazing to me. The other big reason was the ability to take an internship for the third semester. I did not have that opportunity during my bachelor’s, and I think practical experience is key to anchor theoretical knowledge into experience. The third big reason was the opportunity to study with people from many different backgrounds. You learn so much by working with diverse groups of people, and to conduct all studies in english is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for an international career.

What is the biggest difference compared to studying a Bachelor’s programme? 

The biggest difference is probably the individual responsibility and how dependent you are on others in the group works. In the bachelor we would get the course literature and know what to read and most people were on the same track. Now, as master students, we need to search and find articles on our own to become independent in our research. Combine this with all the different backgrounds people have in their previous studies and you are looking at some interesting situations and problem solving through different perspectives. This can both cause trouble and create great learning opportunities.

Do you have any favorite places in Helsingborg?

I would say anywhere where you can see the ocean, which is most places in Helsingborg C. But, if i had to choose one spot it is definitely on top of terrastrapporna where kärnan is. The view over Helsingborg and the sunset over Denmark is hard to beat. I can add that Sofiero castle has been the biggest surprise so far, an absolutely perfect place for a daytrip in the sun!

What are you planning to do after your studies?

I’m planning to work with internal communication in the context of organizational changes. I want to enable other people to reach their full potential in an international context. The beautiful thing about strategic communication is that you could theoretically work with any type of company or organization that you find interesting or valuable. Hopefully I’ll find an interesting internship where I can find some new aspects of strategic communication and get a foot into the market. I definitely want to get some practical work experience before considering further studies and eventual research.

Do you have any advice for students considering to study at Lund University and Campus Helsingborg?

The best advice that I can give is to make sure you choose your studies because of genuine interest. If you find something interesting and fun you're halfway there! One thing that is very different in campus Helsingborg is the size. It is a considerably small campus which actually enables student influence on studies and campus. Make sure you check on the student organizations (Agora and Stampus) to easily get to know people and feel at home at campus. Also, If you decide on campus Helsingborg, make sure you are prepared for the wind!