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What Mariia says about the programme

Mariia Dovbenko
Maria Dovbenko

Mariia Dovbenko

How did you find out about Lund University?

I was passionate about studying strategic communications abroad since in my country there is no such specialization. After a thorough search on the Internet, I found that one of the strongest programme in Strategic Communication is offered by Lund University. 

Why did you choose the Master programme in Strategic Communication?

As you already understood, first I chose a programme and then a university. Coming back to why I was so determined about the Strategic Communication programme, I have seen its zeitgeist. Maybe, people with interests in other fields will disagree with me but I saw that communications came into the spotlight in any sphere and became an extremely important profession. In my country, I studied communications but when I started to work in strategic communications, the name of the organization was even StratCom, I understood that there was much more I would like to know in this field. And now I think I know. 

Do you have any favorite places in Helsingborg?

Without any doubt, I would say the sea. I have never lived along the sea so this is what I really enjoy in Helsingborg. And of course, the best sunsets with a view of the sea and city from Slottshagen. 

Do you have any advice for students considering to study at Lund University and Campus Helsingborg?

Take this easy. Enjoy your time. Find peace with you. It’s called lagom in Sweden. Believe me, you can find it studying at Lund University at Campus Helsingborg.

What are you planning to do after your studies?

I have a dream to develop further my professional experience in the United States. And I owed a lot to the professor from my department Maria Månsson for making me believe that I can try to pursue this dream. She supported my idea to conduct interesting research about popular culture and political communications that gave me a fantastic incentive and idea about research in the United States. So, I am planning to have a shot for it.