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What Xunbing says about the programme

Xunbing wang
Xunbing Wang

Xungbing Wang

How did you find out about Lund University?

I’ve become interested in Sweden because of its sustainable efforts when I was an intern at Beijing’s metro company. Then I started to collect information about study opportunities in Sweden, and both my workmate and teacher recommended Lund University to me. During my application, I got to know more about it through the website called Study in Sweden and these vlogs shared by students at Lund University.

What do you think of the teaching style?

I've been fond of the teaching style since the very first course. I would say that it is more student-centered, we are encouraged to communicate and collaborate with students from different cultural and academic backgrounds. I like the arrangement that we focus on one course at a time, and the teachers are supportive when we work in small groups. They also use an innovative approach in teaching, which keeps us active in the process of learning.

Why did you choose the Master programme in Strategic Communication?

The programme attracts me for various reasons. Firstly, it tallies with my interests in communication studies and career goals since I majored in Advertising in my bachelor’s studies. Secondly, I value the programme’s methodological approach (combining theoretical studies with experiential learning) and emphasis on interdisciplinary studies. Its holistic approach to Strategic Communication would enrich my existing knowledge base and further develop my collaboration and presentation skills. Thirdly, the unique international and intercultural perspectives in its courses would equip me with essential skills for a career in communication. Moreover, the programme is distinguished by close links to industry players. Such collaboration with the communication industry not only keeps the education relevant and up-to-date but also creates a dynamic environment, offering a host of opportunities for developing my ability of adapting strategies to tackle various challenges.

What are you planning to do after your studies?

I hope to become an innovative CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) manager or a strategic planner in an international organization. That is what I have in mind after volunteering at the China CSR annual conference in 2018. Since it requires the ability to comprehend intricate communication processes among organisations and society, and be adept at cross-cultural communication. I believe this programme can help me pursue my career goal.

Do you have any advice for students considering to study at Lund University and Campus Helsingborg?

Don’t worry about the location. Both walking by the seaside in Helsingborg and biking around Lund can make you feel the wonderful vibes of Lund University. And the student life is vibrant, especially when you have connections to both places. That’s why I enjoy studying at Campus Helsingborg while living in Lund. It also gives me more opportunities to meet new friends and explore things.