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2023 IPBA conference: Place branding in times of crisis and uncertainty

Welcome to the 7th annual IPBA conference: Place branding in times of crisis and uncertainty at

Lund University, Campus Helsingborg
October 18-20 2023
Doctoral Colloquium: October 18
Full Conference: October 19-20

avenue with bicycles and people

Building on the collective success of IPBA’s previous conferences (London 2016, Swansea 2017, Macao 2018, Volos 2019, Barcelona 2021, Aix-en-Provence 2022), the 7th Annual Conference of the International Place Brand Association will be held at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg. The conference is hosted by the Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University in collaboration with the Department of Service Studies, Lund University, Halmstad University, and Kristianstad University. 

The conference aims to bring together scholars, practitioners and students of place branding and related fields (nation branding, public diplomacy, city branding, country branding, destination branding).

The conference gathers place branding experts from academia, practice and policy making for valuable discussions around this fascinating cutting-edge intersection of marketing, tourism, economic development, events organisation, heritage management, spatial design, public diplomacy and human geography. 

The theme of the 2023 IPBA conference is Place branding in times of crisis and uncertainty. We invite submissions from scholars and practitioners that examine place branding discourse and practice against the momentous challenges of current global crises and experiences of uncertainty. From the calamities of climate change, the broken security architecture in Europe following the war in Ukraine, damages to the global economy, to the global expansion of authoritarian rule, there is growing sense of living in an age of everlasting crisis and uncertainty. What are the implications of crisis and uncertainty for place branding scholarship and practice? How can the engaged scholarship of place branding contribute to strengthening dialogue and collaboration concerning challenging issues? How can places be reimagined in a crisis-ridden world and under uncertain circumstances? 

Read more on the conference website: www.ipbaconferencesweden.com

Download the full call for papers here:

For questions, please contact Cecilia [dot] Cassinger [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se