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Master's Programme in Strategic Communication

2 years · 120 credits

Sweden’s first Master’s programme in Strategic Communication is offered at the Department of Strategic Communication. We train students to become independent, critical and creative communication strategists who, after graduating, will be able to work with communication at management level.

Strategic Communication is the interdisciplinary study of the formal and informal communication initiatives taken by an organisation in order to achieve objectives and ensure sustainable survival. These can include everything from marketing and communication aimed at reinforcing relationships with external groups to how a company’s internal communication affects its activities. Over the course of the degree programme, students develop an ability to understand organisations from a communication perspective, by gaining expertise within the fields of organisational communication, public relations and marketing communication.

The Master’s Programme in Strategic Communication is offered at the Department of Strategic Communication. We are Sweden’s largest research and education unit in Strategic Communication.After completing the Master's Programme, the students acquire the Degree of Master of Science in Strategic Communication (120 credits). For more information please read the programme syllabus.
Programme syllabus.

Close collaboration with the communication industry keeps our education up-to-date and alined with labor market demands.

During your studies, you are trained to:

  • Independently formulate and solve research problems.
  • Search, select and process large amounts of information.
  • Compare research traditions and perspectives.
  • Analyze communication processes in different contexts and disciplines (eg science, business administration, politics, social science)
  • Develop practical skills in communication planning
  • Develop skills in in-depth analysis


When you study our Master’s program, you will receive:

  • Good knowledge of the central theories in the field of strategic communication.
  • Good knowledge of, among other things, organizational communication, brand communication, political communication, public relations and visual communication.
  • A developed in-depth understanding of Strategic Communication from a societal perspective.
Watch Mirna's testimonial where she shares her experience of studying the Master's in Strategic Communication.
Angelos and Ivanna are students at the international master’s programme in Strategic Communication at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg. During their studies they get opportunities to form a global network of professional and academic colleagues.
Frida Hessel

Master coordinator

Frida Hessel
Telephone: +46 42 35 66 59
E-mail: master [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se (master[at]isk[dot]lu[dot]se)

maria månsson

Programme Director

Maria Månsson
E-mail: master [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se