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Credit transfer

If you have studied courses at other departments within Lund University or at other higher education institutions in Sweden or abroad, which correspond to one or several of the course components on your study programme, you can apply to transfer the credits from these courses.

Applications for credit transfer are to be made on a special form, available for download here (pdf). Together with your application, you must submit a LADOK transcript, course syllabus and reading list for the course/s from which you wish to transfer credits.

The study advisor makes a preliminary assessment, processes and registers your application. The programme director then decides whether the credits may be transferred, or rejects the application, on the basis of the documentation provided.

Once the credit transfer is entered in LADOK, a certificate is sent by email to your student address and the documents are registered at the department.

Credit transfer from studies abroad

Credit transfer from studies abroad is done in the same way as above.

In case of credit transfer from studies abroad, the foreign grades are not translated. The LADOK entry will show the titles of the courses studied and the university where you studied them.

Read more about studying abroad here.


Decisions on credit transfer can be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board; read more here. The appeal is to be sent to Lund University, Box 117, 221 00 Lund. The appeal is to state which decision is being appealed against and the change requested as well as a justification for this change. The appeal must be signed and include an address (preferably also a telephone number and email address). Appeals must be placed within three weeks of the day the appellant was notified of the decision. Read more on the website of the appeals board.

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