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Student unions and student associations

Student influence is a question of both democracy and quality of education

Student influence is not only a right. Allowing students to take part in decision-making on matters which concern them also improves both the study programmes and the study environment. The students are to have influence on their education, thereby contributing to its further development. A strong and independent student influence is important for quality in education, for student welfare, for the safeguarding of students’ rights and for the critical review of the University’s activities.

The Social Sciences Students’ Union at Lund University

The union is represented at Campus Helsingborg and works to maintain high quality in your study programme and to optimise your experience as a student. Student union membership is not compulsory, but it is an opportunity for you as a student to take an active part in influencing your study situation.

Social Sciences Students’ Union at Lund University

Agora – Social Sciences Students’ Union Helsingborg Division

The Helsingborg division, Agora, is an independent part of the Social Sciences Students’ Union at Lund University. Agora represents students on programmes at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies and the Department of Strategic Communication. Its purpose is to act as a complement to the study programmes through activities such as freshers’ week, graduation parties, talks by visiting lecturers and careers events, but also to work for the quality assurance of study programmes at Campus Helsingborg through monitoring of studies and close cooperation with both students and the University. Agora represents its students at Campus Helsingborg and speaks on their behalf to ensure that their interests are safeguarded.



Studentlund is a collaboration between the student nations, unions and the Academic Society in Lund. Membership in Studentlund gives you access to cheap accommodation, good food, fun nightclubs, interesting lectures, monitoring of study programmes, entertaining shows, major student influence within the University, the municipality and the region, and many scholarships and rebates.



LUS is an umbrella organisation for all the students’ unions at Lund University.

Lund University students’ unions - LUS (In Swedish)