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SKOB31: Strategic Communication and digital media - Culture and Society, 7.5 credits

The course critically addresses the development of digital media and provides insights into the issues caused by this development. The course deals with current key theories and concepts in the field of digital media and strategic communication from a social sciences perspective. Among the topics discussed on the course are the new challenges caused by the development of new media. The general aim is to enable students to describe and re-examine the use of digital media in strategic communication informed by a critical approach and new knowledge and understanding.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to the course, the student must have fulfilled a minimum of 45 credits in a subject in Social Sciences or equivalent.

Additional information

This course is compulsory within the Bachelor of Science Programme in Strategic Communication and Digital Media, 120 credits. The course is also a free standing course in Strategic Communication and be read as an elective course in a few programmes at Lund University.

Exchange students to Lund University are welcome to apply to the course.

The course is held in Helsingborg.

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